Colour Elements Promo 24/08/2015

A short promotional film to help attract funding for an exciting new app being developed by dynamic fashion consultancy Colour Elements. Based at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, Colour Elements is led by entrepreneur and personal colour expert Karen Finlayson.

Arbeg Day 2014

Arbeg Day 2014 17/11/2014

This promotional film for Ardbeg Whisky Day, held in Edinburgh’s St Andrew Square on 31st May 2014, was filmed on two cameras and edited by a team of freelance cinematographers and editors.

Crombie 28/10/2013

A viral film to promote the rebranding of ‘Crombie Anderson’ creative agency to the bold new ‘Crombie’ that uses red as its anthem colour. This film is created with over 4000 still photographs edited together to create rhythmic movement as the characters paint the office red. The soundtrack is created by us as well.

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