Suicide Watch (Visit Dungavel, Monster of the Glen)

Suicide Watch (Visit Dungavel, Monster of the Glen)

Imagine escaping persecution in your own country, running for safety – then when you think you can breathe freely, you and your children are locked up without trial.

A provocative mix of animation, drama, testimony, music, puppets and Guerilla satire, ‘Visit Dungavel’ is a shocking, funny, informative and moving series of short films about Detention.

‘Suicide Watch’, directed, filmed and edited by Sana Bilgrami, is a 3-minute film about the high suicide-rate in refugee detention centres.

You can view this film here.

Project Details

Client : Camcorder Guerillas
Date : 2005
Genre : Documentary

Room Nineteen Films, 1/2 Marchmont Street, Edinburgh EH9 1EJ. Email: sana.bilgrami[at]gmail.com Phone: 0131 478 6632 / 0778 8825 868