Artist Uncovered: Alan McGowan 10/02/2015

An insight into the thoughts and work of figurative artist Alan McGowan, whose paintings are powerful, thought-provoking and occasionally disturbing studies of the human body.

Artist Uncovered: Gill Tyson 13/05/2014

An insight into the work and practices of award-winning printmaker Gill Tyson, as she sketches outdoors and prepares to create a print at Edinburgh Printmakers Studio.

Artist Uncovered: Oliver Reed 09/05/2014

An insight into the multitude of inspirations behind Oliver Reed’s work as we watch him furiously splatter paint, scrape, scratch and pound the surface of a magnificent landscape painting.

Kashmir, December 2005 15/09/2013

A film made to raise funds for The Citizens Foundation’s efforts at rebuilding homes after the devastation of the earthquake that struck northern Pakistan in 2005. In December 2005, in the aftermath of the earthquake in Pakistan, Sana Bilgrami travelled around Kashmir by helicopter while working on a personal documentary film project funded by MEDIA. She stayed with volunteers working for TCF in Muzaffarabad  and made this short film as a fundraiser for the NGO.

Room Nineteen Films, 1/2 Marchmont Street, Edinburgh EH9 1EJ. Email: sana.bilgrami[at]gmail.com Phone: 0131 478 6632 / 0778 8825 868