Treefellers 11/09/2013

Documentary Film, 24 minutes, 2004 The story of the 900 Belizean lumberjacks who in 1942 left the tropical rainforests of British Honduras to help Britain fight fascism by felling trees in Scotland. Sam (93), Eric (87) and Amos (86) were among those who stayed on after the war to make new lives in a country where, for better or worse, the colour of their skin marked them out. Newly discovered archive, long cherished memories and a last reunion are intertwined…

Across the Waters

Across the Waters 10/09/2013

Documentary, 28 minutes, 2004 Four months pregnant, in 1955, a young woman left her village in Pakistan with her new husband and travelled to the remote and beautiful Scottish Outer Hebrides. Fifty years later, her granddaughter, one of a few third generation Asians in her community, is getting ready to sail from the shores of the island. Three generations of women and an old Gaelic islander tell us a story of migration, exile and belonging in a poetic, reflective journey…

Under My Skin

Under My Skin 01/09/2013

Documentary, 15 minutes, 2002 An award winning documentary which explores the lives of two immigrants – a dancer and a poet – and the experience of cross-cultural identity in their art and their lives. Shot entirely on Super-8, this hauntingly beautiful and powerful film draws you into a world where art and identity collide against the stark landscape of Scotland. Winner Best Factual film and Winner Special Achievement Award at Scottish Students on Screen 2002. Winner Best Documentary Film at…

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